Here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions relating to our Chapter website.  If you think we need to add something that may be useful, please email our Webmaster.

The Login/Sign Up thingamabob on the homepage isn't working for me. What's up with that?


Bottom Line: Sorry, but you need to use a different browser.

Are you still (really?) using Internet Explorer 11? Unfortunately, the login thingamajig (that's the technical term) is not compatible with IE and is not even a "clickable" link.  (You may also notice that the website's top menu is the only thing that loads until you hit the browser's refresh button and that you have to do so on each page or section of the website - yes, we know, very annoying.)

Are you using MS Edge (the newer built-in Windows browser)? The Login/Sign Up will let you sign in, but it then does not show you are signed in (by changing to "Hello [your name]") nor give you the option of signing out.  But you are logged in and can visit the Members Area of the website.

So what's the solution? Visit our site using Google Chrome, Apple's Safari or even Firefox. (You can use MS Edge, but be aware of the above limitation.)

I am a new member (or have been one for a while but am now trying to get into the Members Area for the first time) and I keep getting asked for my password after putting in my e-mail address.  What's my password?


Sounds like you may not have registered for the website yet.  You need to "Sign Up" before you can "Log In" using your e-mail address and the password that you select in the "Sign In" process.  Full instructions on registering for the website (that "Sign Up" thing) are available here.

I recently changed my e-mail address as recorded with the Chapter's membership officer but my new e-mail address doesn't work on the website.  How can I fix that?


You can still Log In with your old e-mail address - but that will probably get quite confusing over time.  Unfortunately, we can't just change your Log In address for the website.  (Nor can we just create a new log-in account for you since we are not privy to your password.) The solution is to: 1) just create a new Log In account per the instructions above; and 2) drop an e-mail to the Chapter's webmaster ([email protected]) so we can delete the account with your prior e-mail.

Where can I reset my password to Log In to the Members Area?


On the Log In screen pop-up click the reset password link.  The next pop-up box will ask you for your e-mail (use the one you signed up with).  An e-mail will be sent to you in which you will re-enter a new password.  Once the database is updated (5 minutes or so) you can log on again.

What if I am having trouble with viewing the website on my web browser?

WIX (the website management program we use) is compatible with most browsers but in some cases on older versions or non-updated versions it may not load correctly.  Close and re-open the browser or update the browser to the most current updates.  Other than that, the site works well with all devices and browsers that are most commonly used today.
What am I supposed to do with all those links on the Ride/Event Files page?

You should be able to download any of these files to your device hard drive.  Your ability to "open" the files to view them from here will depend on the software you have on your computer or laptop.  You will not, however, be able to view the GPX route until you FIRST download it and then load it into either your gps unit or a program such as Garmin's Basecamp.  Unfortunately, there are no browser plug-ins or simple viewer programs for gpx files. (When you click on a "GPX route" link, Google Drive may suggest you "connect" a gpx viewer "app," but the apps we have tested in fact do not properly "draw" the route between points provided in the file -- they appear as straight "as a crow flies" lines and do not follow roads.)  Bottom line: If you find all of this confusing or otherwise encounter any issues, feel free to contact our Webmaster for assistance.  Just use this e-mail link.
Why can't I get the email links on the Officers page to open?

If nothing happens when you click on a "send me an email" button on the Officers page of our website, chances are there is an issue with your computer's operating system settings and, more specifically, how it handles HTML "mailto" links.  Some Windows 10 users find the issue is that Google Chrome has been set as their default mail app (even though Chrome is really not even an email app).  There is a quick, but temporary "work around" - right click on the orange email button, select "copy email address" and then paste it in the "to" field of a blank email.  The real fix is probably just as simple:  On your Windows 10 computer, go to Settings/Apps/Default Apps/Mail and make sure the default email app is set to "Mail" (the Windows e-mail app that Microsoft "recommends") or to Outlook (if you have MS Office 365 and use its email program).  If none of that works - or if this answer is just too confusing for you - please feel free to contact our Webmaster for assistance by emailing: [email protected].  (You can also try just showing this to someone who is under 20 years old.)
Can I get the Chapter's Events Calendar on my smartphone?

Yes.  Instructions are available here.
How do I join the Chapter's Facebook group/page?

Just follow the instructions provided here.